Types of Impact Drivers

Impact drivers come in a wide variety; the varying features may be their shape, size, power source and mode of operation. In your quest for the ideal impact driver, it is imperative that you know the types of impact drivers you may come in contact with at the store.

Manual Impact Drivers

Manual impact drivers operate with your hands and a hammer, for this reason, they are usually called hand impact drivers. There is only a slight difference in mode of operation from the motorized versions of the tool. Manual impact drivers look incredibly simple, that’s because they really are. They are usually used to loosen nuts, screws or bolts that have become locked and hard to remove. This may be as a result of freezing temperatures or rust.

In a manual impact driver, a smack on one end of the tool by a hammer sends motion forces to the end where the action is taking place. Downward pressure and turn must be applied at the same time the hammer strikes.

Right-angle Drivers

Right angle drivers make working at tight corners easier. This is because the part where the torque is released and the part where the driver loosens or drills is at a right angle. Right angle drivers can be electric, pneumatic or hydraulic but majority of the right angled drivers around are electric powered.

Electric Impact Drivers

Electric-powered impact drivers, in my opinion are the most popular impact drivers in the world today. They come in corded or cordless form, both requiring electricity to power the impact wrench.

Corded Impact Drivers: corded impact drivers are capable of loosening large nuts and bolts because it is being powered by direct current (DC). The major problem with this tool is the restrictions that exist with the cord. The cord has to be dragged about and can cause tripping. The electric motors can be quite heavy so carrying the tool about might be a little bit hard.

Cordless Impact Drivers: Cordless impact drivers are powered by battery packs. The most common battery packs are Lithium-ion and Cadmium Nickel. Cordless impact drivers have the advantage of being flexible and maneuverable. You don’t have to worry about cords and accidents. Corded impact drivers pack more power but the cordless version can be efficient too.

Cordless Drill Driver

Cordless drill drivers are portable, versatile tools capable of offering high speeds and precision while drilling. These tools come equipped with clutches better grip and adjustable clutch settings.

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