Benefits of Clogs

Nursing is a fulfilling profession with utmost relevance in the healthcare industry. Nurses spend well over 8 and 12 hours on shifts. All that time they are walking, running, standing, moving or lifting stuffs from one place to another; what a stressful profession it is.

It is only fair that all that time spent on shifts is made comfortable; they are already stressed enough as it is. Nurses append most of their shift on their feet and we know how hard the hospital floors. A pair of quality pair of clogs is of ultimate importance to nurses and other healthcare professionals. The nursing job is hard already; wearing the wrong footwear can make it a whole lot harder and make you start considering a change of profession. You don’t want to put your feet in jeopardy while tending to patients; you are responsible for the wellbeing of your feet.

Here are five benefits of using nursing clogs

  1. Heel and Balance Support

Clogs are designed with ergonomics in mind; these shoes have a heightened base that provides reinforcement for your feet. Wearing the wrong shoes on your shifts can cause you lower back and leg pains. Clogs provide support and balance to avoid these pains. A good quality pair of clogs allows for rolling movement for your toes, foam for delicate soles and shock absorption feature.

  1. Slip Resistant

It is common to find slippery floors or spilled liquid on floors which make it slippery. Nurses are always on the move so they require shoes with enough grip to protect them against such floors especially when running or moving large items. Clogs are built with slip resistant soles to ensure better grip on the job

  1. Hygienic

A good pair of clogs will allow air circulate within the shoe. Some clogs have wood insoles which help to keep the feet dry for longer periods. When worn with a quality pair of socks, perspiration will be reduced significantly, leading to a less stinky foot.

  1. Protection

Clogs come in closed-toe designs which offer maximum protection from hard and sharp objects which might accidentally fall on your foot. They also provide protection from chemicals and other fluids that may spill or splash on your foot.

  1. Comfort

Clogs were designed to provide the wearer maximum comfort while walking or standing for long periods. Leather shoes take on the shape of the feet so opt for a pair of clogs made of quality leather for optimum comfort.

Clogs are easy to slip off, so once in a while, step out of your shoes and allow your feet to breathe. Massage the pressure points and just let your feet relax.

Nurses are very important to the healthcare industry and must be inspired to keep on the good work. Investing in best nursing shoes will guarantee top notch performance on shifts while ensuring the wellbeing of the feet of the wearer.